Christian Punk Rock

Alright, I know what your thinking, and I can tell you right now, this isn't Sunday morning worship. We're talking punk rock! That's right, head-banging, moshing, old-school punk. But what does "punk rock" even mean anymore? With music growing rapidly, throughout the years punk rock has expanded into quite a few diverse categories, some of which I will describe below.

Pop Punk

Simply take the original punk rock genre, and combine it with pop music. It's punk with more of an up-beat sound. With the catchy chorus' you can't help but sing along to, this is where you will find such Christian artists as Relient K, Anberlin, and Hawk Nelson.


It's a more "emotional" form of punk rock, at least originally. Now days it can almost be anything from pop punk, to indie, to post-hardcore. Defining which bands are emo can get pretty confusing, so I like to think it's sort of a combination of the previously mentioned genres, who knows. A few Christian bands you might call emo would be The Almost, Family Force 5, Jonezetta, As Cities Burn, and Mae.


Alright, so now punk has gone "poppy" to "moody" to... screaming? Screamo takes all the emotions of emo and turns it up a notch, to where you can literally let those emotions go. There are still the same guitar chords and similar drum beats at a fast pace, just add in some screams! The Devil Wears Prada is a great example, or bands like Emery, and Showbread.


Evolving from hardcore punk, which, itself evolved from punk rock. It is also heavily rooted in the emo genre, with emotional lyrics, post-hardcore bands can be whispering a lyric one moment and slip right into a heavy growl the next. Post-Hardcore is heavier than screamo, using lower, "D or C tuned" guitars but involves the same emotional screams. Underoath is one of the biggest post-hardcore bands around, along with fellow Christian artists Haste The Day, Life In Your Way, and Destroy The Runner.


This genre is very similar to post-hardcore, using similar growls and low tuned guitars. Really the only difference is the Southern sounding guitar riffs, these artists often incorporate more guitar solos and use lyrics about the South and... trolls, monsters and fairytales. These are artists like Norma Jean, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, The Chariot, and He Is Legend.

Christian Artists

One thing all of these artists have in common is their love for Jesus Christ. He is the heart of all Christian music and is the sole purpose this music is made possible, as many of these artists will tell you when they perform live. It is all about spreading the Word, what better way to do it than rocking out at coffee shops and small venues across the world!