Christian Punk Bands

The ChariotGreetings to my brothers in Christ who like to ROCK! Welcome to

So there I was in a worldly punk rock band singing about sex, drugs and rock 'n roll when after a few witnessing attempts by some lifetime friends of mine, I repented and came to Christ. I thank God for my good friends for getting me out of the rotten cesspool that was my life.

What happened next you ask? Well, I left my band, lost my friends and suddenly got a lot smarter as I cut the drugs out of my life. I quit smoking, got into shape, started a business, got married and that's where I am today.

One question was left unanswered... What on Earth am I supposed to listen to now?
Luckily a few Christians had taken the initiative to make some good, clean Christian Punk Rock. "You mean, I get to be a Christian, AND listen to good music? Thank the heavens!" I exclaimed.

"Now where to find this elusive punk rock?" I asked.
I was on a quest to absorb all I could. I found that I had to weed some of the less "Christian" Christian bands out of my play list, but over the years I've come across more Christian Punk Rock than I know what to do with. I decided it'd be smart to share my favorites as I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who are searching for some good, upbeat, Christian music to listen to. The bands listed here are personal recommendations that I love.

Have fun snooping around. I hope you find a new favorite! - We're Christian, we're punk, get used to it.

Family Force 5
Relient K
Haste the Day
Norma Jean